Finnish PCC Championship 2021 – Mikkeli Practical XXVII


Stages descriptions:

16 Stages:

8x Short 12×8 = Rounds 96

6x Medium 6×24 = Rounds 144

2x Long 2x40lks = Rounds 80

Minimum Rounds = 320


Mikkelin Ampujat Practical-division arranges Mikkeli Practical XXVII – Finnish PCC Championship, Internationally sanctioned Level III IPSC Match at 24 – 25th July 2021.


  • Pistol Caliber Carbine

Location of ranges

Savon Prikaati’s Kyrönpellon ampumarata, 5 kilometres north from Mikkeli to Jyväskylä. IPSC targets will be the signs

Kyrönpellon ampumarata



Google Maps link

Nation Land Survey of Finland link


Pre-Match 22-23.7.2021:

Registration starts 22.7.2021 9.00 at Range Office (Mikkeli Kyrönpirtti)

Shooting starts 22.7 and 23.7 at 10.00.

Pre match schedule:

Main Match 24-25.7:

For morning shift registration 24.7.2021 7.00-7.45 at Range Office (Mikkeli Kyrönpirtti)

For evening shift registration 24.7.2021 12-13.00 at Range Office (Mikkeli Kyrönpirtti)

For morning shift shooting starts at 8.00 on both days.

For evening shift shooting starts at 13.20 on both days.

Morning shift schedule:

Evening shift schedule:


PISTOL CALIBER CARBINE COMPETITION RULES JANUARY 2019 EDITION Only the members of IPSC are allowed to participate.


Every categories 1st, 2nd, and 3rd will be awarded. Teams will be awarded (if required numbers of competitors fill up).

Categories are as follows:

(a) Lady
(b) Super Junior
(c) Junior
(d) Senior
(e) Super Senior

Number of stages

Competition consists of 16 stages + PF

Number of rounds is 320 + PF.

Match capacity

The total capacity of the match is 120 shooters in the main match. Of these, 100 slots will be given out on a first come, first served basis. Slots reserved for Finnish ranking list. The remaining slots will be allocated on June 23th among those who have registered for the match and are on the waiting list.

Entry fee and registration

Entry fee is 120 € and team 40 € and should be paid before 23th June 2021.Registration is accepted only if entry fee is paid before deadline.

Registration starts at 20.00 23.3. and closes 23.6. at 24.00. Registration will be handled with SSI.

SSI link:

Accomplished fees will be returned only by acceptable reason (medical certificate)

Bank information:

Recipient: Mikkelin Ampujat Ry


IBAN: FI63 5271 0420 2738 16

Write to bank notice: ”Finnish PCC Championship 2021” and competitors name/names.

Also remember to bring the bank notice to match place to prove that you have paid the registration fee.

Match Director: Kimmo Iso-Tuisku, MA

Range Master: Kristian Poikonen, Kuas


Competitor must have SAL- license and must be on safe shooter list.

Food services are available on Fri-Sun. Food is not included in the competition fee, but the prices are user-friendly.

I you want to buy competition T-Shirt (price 45€), contact Kimmo Iso-Tuisku.


Sokos Hotel Vaakuna Mikkeli

Hotel Scandic Mikkeli

Additional info from Kimmo Iso-Tuisku, GSM: +358 50 5992642