Mean Steel Nordic Championships 2020 – New date 17-18.10.2020

New date announced for the match!


Mikkelin Ampujat Practical-division arranges Mean Steel Nordic Championship 2020, Internationally sanctioned Level III Nordic Steel Challenge match at 17 – 18th October 2020.

RO match and training days: 13.10. – 16.10. around 16.30 – 21.00

Training days for non MA members costs 10€

Match registration via SSI:

RO match registration starts at 16:00 and shooting starts at 16:30

Main match days registration starts at 07:30 and shooting starts at 09:00. Gun check will be after registration.




MA Kyrönpelto shooting range:



Google Maps link

Nation Land Survey of Finland link


Registration starts at 19.8 18:00 and closes 20.9 24:00

Entry Fees:

1 class: 40€

2 classes: 60€

3 classes 70€

Teams: 30€

Extra round: 20€

Training day: 10€

Bank information:

Recipient: Mikkelin Ampujat Ry


IBAN: FI63 5271 0420 2738 16

Write to bank notice: ”Mean Steel Nordic 2020” and competitors name/names.

Also remember to bring the bank notice to match place to prove that you have paid the registration fee.


If required numbers of competitors fill up, every divisions 1st, 2nd 3rd will be awarded, otherwise only 1st.

Teams will be awarded if required numbers of competitors fill up.


H1 – Open Division

H2 – Standard Division

H3 – Production Division

H4 – Classic Division

H5 – Revolver Division

H6 – Nordic Production OPTICS, PROVISIONAL

H7 – Rimfire Pistol Division

H8 – Mini Rifle Division

H10 – Pistol Caliber Carbine Division Provisional


Should a competitor have less than 5 magazines any other competitor or spectator may reload magazines on behalf of the competitor completing the course of fire.

Competitor can shoot max two division per day. If competitor wants to shoot three division at least one of them must be shot on different competition day.

Competitor must have SAL- license and must be on safe shooter list.

Food services are available on Fri-Sun. Food is not included in the competition fee, but the prices are user-friendly.

I you want to buy competition T-Shirt (price 20€), contact Kimmo Iso-Tuisku.


More info coming soon!

Additional info from Kimmo Iso-Tuisku, GSM: +358 50 5992642

Match organization:

MD: Kimmo Iso-Tuisku

SO: Masa Kuitunen